Aloha to Andy Willner!

Updated: May 12, 2020

A familiar face from Hong Kong's yoga scene is joining the Aloha team this May. Andy brings with him traditional yoga with a modern twist. Very soon, we will be sharing three new classes on our weekly schedule: Soma™ Hatha Yoga, Soma™ Active Restorative Yoga, and Soma™ Core. Read the below descriptions to find out more about this new style.

Soma™ Hatha Yoga

This class is suitable for all levels with a focus on holding sustained poses. As well as the asanas (postures), we develop a basic understanding and practice of pranayama (breath extension) and dhyana (meditation techniques). Whilst full inversions are not included in this class, we shall explore some of the preparatory poses to build confidence towards inverting and shall sometimes include basic arm balances with modifications where required.

Soma™ Active Restorative Yoga

This class is suitable for all levels emphasizing spinal mobility and strengthening of the torso interspersed with rest periods to calm the nervous system and bring us into greater balance. The majority of the class is undertaken on the floor in either prone or supine positions with a limited number of standing poses also with a focus on spinal mobility.

Soma™ Core

This class is suitable for yoga practitioners with some experience. It is designed as an intermediate level class and as the name suggests, the emphasis is on strengthening, especially the Core, which is defined here as all the muscles of the torso, not just the “six pack”. Included will be arm balances and inversions to apply the Core exercises practised in the class. Not recommended for pregnant students or those with serious back problems.

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