Aloha to Melody

A warm welcome to new Aloha teacher Melody Liang, who will be sharing Alignment classes every Tuesday evening 6:45pm.

About Melody:

Growing up an active kid, Melody is constantly looking for challenges in sports. At age 17, she fell in love with the heat, the intensity and the pace of hot yoga. She slowly realized the mental benefits that comes with practicing asana in her personal life and in golf. During her 200- hour teacher training, Melody found interest in the Philosophy of yoga and her passion to share her knowledge. Melody teachers energetic flows with a focus on alignment that challenges her students mentally and physically. 

Melody on Instagram: @melomochi

Qualifications & Certifications:

- Advanced Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman (300 hours), 2020 (undergoing)

- Foundation Training with Patrick Creelman and Rinat Perlman (200 hours), 2019

#yogaalohahk #alignment

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